Product Rotation Photography

An interactive product display where the subject is photographed 24-30 times per 360° rotation. When these images combined together with software, the product appears to spin about a mid-point.

Why you need Rotation Photography.

It is the optimal way to show every facet of a product or subject, delivering maximum information in a quick and easy fashion. The effect is of a 3D image in a two dimensional medium, contributing to your potential customers’ on line browsing experience.

  • Proven to increase Sales.
  • Adds a new interactive element to your site.
  • Reduces returned products.
  • Gives a competitive edge.

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What type or size of product can you rotate?

Anything up to about a cubic metre weighing under 80kg. This is the limit of the turntable. This includes people, making it ideal for fashion photography. If your product fits within these dimensions we can photograph it.

Amazon Product Video

We can also produce rotating product videos for Amazon or your website.

This allows your item to rotate on the site giving potential customers a better view of the item than a still image. Adding videos to a site is simpler than integrating 360 degree still sequences but at slightly reduced resolution and viewing options.

Pricing for simple product videos is $75 per item.

360° Spin Photography Process

A state of the art studio, computer-controlled photography turntable, a range of the latest software combined with high quality cameras, lenses and lighting enable us to provide an affordable spin product photography service. The principal photographer Mark has over 30 years’ experience in commercial photography.

To create a product rotation display,  we photograph your product from different angles, taking generally 24-30 shots per 360° rotation. We use a motorised turntable to rotate the subject  and a sturdily mounted camera both of which are connected to the computer running the controller software.

Our 360 product photography solution allows us to photography a complete rotation in 3-5 minutes, depending on the number of images required. More images will result in a smoother rotation, but at the expense of increased file size. This may be a concern if there are a large number of products to be hosted on your website.

It is worth mentioning that not all products require a full 360° rotation. Some may need only 90° or 180°. It all depends on the subject.

These individual shots are captured, edited and processed using dedicated spin software. We check for colour accuracy, lighting, reflections, contrast, and most importantly that the background is pure white. When the images are ready we output them at the correct size for your website, with the necessary player controls, zoom features and any other options selected.

We endeavour to shoot “right first time” so that no retouching is needed. With careful lighting and composition we can provide a quick and affordable product photography service. Some products that need to be suspended, propped up or generally positioned to show specific features may need further retouching in Adobe Photoshop. We have a dedicated team that can provide this in a timely and affordable manner so your product will always look the best it can.

There are a range of output formats available, the most popular by far being an html 5 product rotation display. If all this is starting to sound technical don’t worry, it just means your potential buyers or site visitors will be able to view, spin and magnify on computer, tablet, ipad or smartphone.


Buyer Confidence

Showing your products to potential buyers from every conceivable angle provides them with the greatest amount on information to aid in the purchasing decision. This leads not only to higher sales as the buyer is more confident in his/her purchasing decision, but also to a reduction in product returns and refunds. It is the nearest thing to in-store shopping, allowing your customer to view your product as it they were there.

Web viewers are drawn to a compelling visual experience which a traditional flat shot of a product does not provide. High-quality, interactive images, with zoom and spin, emulate the “hands-on” experience of shopping in-store.

Competitive Advantage.

Product rotation photography is relatively new, not many websites are taking advantage of it or using it. Many believe it to be too expensive or too difficult as only the big ecommerce sites are using it. We can show you how it is both easy to implement and affordable. Yes, we can integrate it with your website! Contact Us to enquire how your site can have a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Mark as been outstanding to work with all the way from the first contact to after the project was finished. I will not hesitate to use him again and I can with no doubt recommend him.

Peter Ryan

Awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work.

David Smith

We are very pleased with our new spinning product views and the way Mark conducts his business. It has been a great experience working with him.

Michael Stone