Wine Bottle Photography Service Adelaide

Our wine bottle photography is clean, sharp and creative. Using our custom built studio we adjust the lighting to capture the shape, wine colour, light and shadow reflection on the bottle.

The most popular angle when photographing the wine bottle is the front on. The bottle will need to be lit from the back to create a soft glow and to illuminate the entire bottle and its contents.  An additional set of highly diffused lights is used to light up the label and is feathered across the front of the bottle to add the appearance of roundness to the bottle to show it’s shape. This is “standard” wine bottle photography that most professional photographers employ.

But what do buyers do when considering purchasing a bottle of wine? Well, first off they look at the price (unfortunately!) Then they pick it up, look at the front label, then turn it around and look at the back label. After which they may buy it.

There are all sorts of other purchasing considerations such as if they have had it before, if they have heard of it or if it has been recommended, but the above is the physical process most bottles go through before being presented at the checkout.

How to simulate that for the online experience? By using 360° photography the bottle can be shown as it normally would, front-on with careful lighting but then rotated to show the shape of the bottle and the back label. Remember, this is an important part of the purchasing consideration. Not to mention the impact 360° imagery has on a website and sales in comparison with traditional flat images.

The bottles above and right show the bottle made from 24 shots. Click and drag to spin the bottle manually or click the right hand icon and the detailed image is full screen, showing the label in detail.


Single bottles $65 inc GST 1 still image  (1 bottle or 100, $65 each)

Single bottles $95 inc GST in 24 shot product rotation – you receive 24 shots.

Montages of single bottles to show groups of bottles +$55 on top of single bottle price of $65.

Rotating groups of bottles – not available.

Images  are provided in high quality and high resolution digital form. Use for social media, websites, press releases, print advertising and other marketing material. Flexible options, great rates, and good advice — when you need bottle photography, deliver your bottles to Adelaide Product Photography.

You’ve invested precious time refining your wine. Now invest in smart looking bottle images that reflect that refinement.

How to?

Add images to a site. Adding rotating views is not as simple as uploading a single jpeg image. Typically the product folder is uploaded by FTP and then the images are added using a plugin. We use and have the license for you to use the image sequences on your site.

We chose this software as it allows low resolution images to load fast on initial web page viewing, but when clicking the full screen button the high res files are loaded in the background. ie the images load quickly but the high res are there for a detailed look. If the high res shots were loaded by default the page would take a long time to load which no web visitor wants.

The fine print

Proofs via Dropbox; no charge for edit requests. Unwatermarked high resolution images sent when payment received.

Affordable – $65 per bottle (no bottle minimum) paper labels; shadow effects – no charge. On white background standard, no extra charge for transparent backgrounds as a .PNG

Files supplied in high resolution JPG typically 2000px x 2000px square. Files delivered online through Dropbox.

Freight charge at cost for product returns.

Next day service (subject to other bookings).

Mark as been outstanding to work with all the way from the first contact to after the project was finished. I will not hesitate to use him again and I can with no doubt recommend him.

Peter Ryan

Awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work.

David Smith

We are very pleased with our new spinning product views and the way Mark conducts his business. It has been a great experience working with him.

Michael Stone